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Mike R

New IT professional in town exploring the local culture in Champaign-Urbana!


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The entrance is a bit difficult to find at night, but look for the golf club building. Friendly staff and good atmosphere for a casual meal.
Tried it with a couple friends from work. A bit far from the main part of town, but good food, friendly people, and down-to-earth atmosphere!
Yes, burgers are awesome here, but so are their tacos! Seriously, give it a try. It's like Chipotle, but even better (if you can imagine that).
Love their rib tips. Step in around 5:30 to grab them, because that's when it's consistently cooked for the right amount of time!
Extremely friendly owners, and they serve some uniquely different ice cream from what you normally get. Must Try!
Colleagues and I went for happy hours. Great service and overall solid meal. Perfect for a slow meal with good conversations and company!
Yes, a bit more pricey than Meijer and Walmart, but you'll find a more diverse range of quality products here. Love their cafe and bakery as well!
Wasn't sure what to expect before venturing out here, but nice friendly owner who is clearly passionate about what he makes. Recommend!
Not sure about other items, but the seafood I've had here so far have all been consistently fresh and delicious. They also come with a spicy punch!