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At Cactus Grill you can get a fresh, from-scratch burrito wrapped and ready to go in a minute flat. Their fish tacos and honey-grilled chicken burritos can't be found anywhere else in town.

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Their Story

At Cactus Grill you can get a fresh, from-scratch burrito wrapped and ready to go in a minute flat.

Rick Lau, owner, made a lot of changes to the restaurant after he acquired it in 2005. He threw out the Taco Bell-style ground beef and started making his steak burritos with fresh sirloin steak cooked in a homemade marinade. Rick is also one of the most hospitable business owners in town. He views customers as his boss and won't hesitate to give out complimentary burritos for long waits or unsatisfactory service.

Rick's fish tacos also help differentiate Cactus Grill from other Tex-Mex joints. An old friend gave Rick his killer fish taco recipe, but withheld the most important part - the sauce. After experimenting with chipotle and poblano peppers he came up with a winner. Try it for yourself or check out his Honey-Grilled Chicken, made with real honey!

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Good to Know

  • Occasions and Setting:

    Quick Delivery Takeout Casual
  • Price Range (Entree):

    $5.00 - $7.00
  • Parking:

    Parking lot
  • Payments:

    Mastercard, Visa, Discover
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    Profile check icon f39b186775c3b46d0b226e47a088d89848798f100829234a1577ea99749c89f2Take Out
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Useful Info

It's like Chipotle, but local and independent
Limited seating

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Monday - Saturday
11:00am - 9:00pm
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Cactus Grill

Profile map address icon 11f0cd8aebea22e6f57dcb7b0690cddd49ebcf99c3db82a221d0a2bbc49f9202 1405 S. Neil Street
Champaign, IL 61820

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